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crushing, unquote. u.s. officials believe the pakistani and afghanny operatives working in tandem locally with u.s. intelligence now face serious threats to their own safety. he claims he withheld publishing over 15,000 pages to doubts over information security. again, apparently he believes that operatives named in the documents have nothing to fear. >> there is a military argument for keeping some information secret. ity leaks website creates danger for human sources who supply information to the cia, is there any other damage from wicky leaks to u.s. intelligence efforts in afghanistan? >> there's afghans in there, john, who have been named and who have been identified as to where they live. those people are in danger right now of being murdered and their families of being murdered. critics on this panel, i would think, and opponents of the afghan war. this man is a saboteur of american foreign policy and of the war effort and i think this is deeply damaging and the people that did this aught to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. i do believe this, john, there's no question
. >> good evening, lester. it looks like one more job will be lost to the oil spill and u.s. government officials say it is the position of ceo of bp. a post held by tony hayward since 2007 until apparently very soon. since the oil started gushing back in april, bp has tried to weather its own storm surrounding it. and ceo tony hayward as the public face of the company has only made waves. >> i'm not stonewalling. >>> he stated that the size of the spill is tiny compared to the size of the gulf of mexico. while the crisis roiled, he attended a yacht race and then these memorable words. >> i'd like my life back. >> well, now it looks like he has it. reportedly, bp's board has been negotiating his departure and he may resign as early as tomorrow. one day before the board is set to announce a huge second quarter loss. bp is saying mr. hayward remains the chief executive officer and has the full confidence of our board and senior management. calling the reports just rumors and speculation. on the front lines today, boats that had to leave ahead of the storm are back. to continue preparing t
they're raising new questions about u.s. military strategy and whether pakistan, america's critical ally in the region, has been aiding the enemy. a live report is just ahead. >>> fast moving storms spawning tornadoes and cutting paths of destruction from the midwest to the northeast. homes have been torn apart and trees knocked down. live in the extreme weather center with where the threat is this morning. >>> and the "a.m. fix" blog is up and running. join the live conversation right now. just go to cnn.com/amfix. >>> but first, day 98 of the gulf oil spill and it may be tony hayward's last. the company could announce that he is done during a keyboard meeting in london today. many residents of the gulf coast say his words were salt on an already gushing wound and he became the poster boy for bad press saying the spill was relatively tiny, the environmental impact would be small, that he wanted his own life back when 1 people died in the initial disaster. phil beck is live at bp headquarters in london in morning. do we know if we're going to hear anything about tony hayward's futur
, they got it now. several key economic indicators now show that the tough times for the u.s. economy may not be over. item, u.s. consumer confidence down falling by nearly 10 points from last month. big drop. item, u.s. employment down. weekly jobless claims rose by over 10,000. item, u.s. home sales down. previously occupied homes sales fell to the lowest level on record. item, u.s. stock market down. now below 10,000. >>> some analysts see the troubling news as an omen, a double-dip recession. namely, a recession defined by a period without economic growth followed by a period with economic growth followed by a period without economic growth. a recession with a le dip or even worse, another depression. >> question, are we headed for a double dip recession or will for a double dip. it's hard to do a dip when the fed is so loose. what is interesting about this, john, the economy over the last year, you average it out, growing 3 or 4 percent. productivity is looking good. what we would have is a big government recovery. you have businesses battening down, afraid to hire and put people on
is your "situation room." >>> happy birthday, rick. happening now, the u.s. economy loses jobs for the first time this year. the president insists that the recovery is moving forward but americans who are desperate for a paycheck may not be buying that. and two more alleged russian spies reveal their true identities. we'll look at the perils of being a secret agent with kids. and we'll hear from the grown son of one of the suspects. >>> and a leading conservative is calling on the republican party chairman to do his patriotic duty this july 4th by resigning. how long can michael steele hang on to his job? wolf blitzer is off today. i'm suzanne malveaux and you're in "the situation room." >>> well job gains in america hit a wall now adding to fears that the nation may be socked with a second recession. there are new figures that show that the economy lost 125,000 jobs in june. now you can see there had been job growth every month in 2010 until the june slide. the loss is mostly due to the fact that the census is over and those jobs related to the census went away. the overall un
's secure the border first -- basically the u.s.-mexican border, and then we will get to the other issues. what does it mean to secure the border and how will they recognize when that time arrives? >> ok. good question. one you want to tackle? [laughter] >> we may not have emphasized it as much because we were going to quickly. comprehensive reform we tested exclusively, cracking down on employers. it is very popular. as popular as border security. real people have that line in their heads. they like it for two reasons. they believe if the jobs are not the lawyer, -- lure, people will not be coming. they also believe these people are not just recruiting immigrants workers because they work hard or have skills they need, but because they can pay lower wages and a whole bunch of other goals that people think do not observe wage standards, etc. the public has a very strong narrative. they also believe that you put lawful employers at a disadvantage and that is not right. that is in their very, very strongly. we may have read over that too quickly. in terms of the congress, i think you would
they assume that the u.s. is going to pull out? >> i believe many in the taliban leave that the u.s. will pull out. that is what they tell the afghan villagers. they often comment that the americans have their watches, but we have the time. that means, they do not have a time line. that is their home. they have nowhere else to go. immediately after 9/11 in afghanistan working with our afghan allies, i was often asked, are you going to stick with us this time? referring to our promises made during the soviet occupation when we told the afghans that after we win this together we will be here with you. we will be your to help you redevelop your country. the afghans remember that and they're wondering if we're going to stick with them. and not just the u.s., but the global community of nations. are we with the afghans in developing this pro-democracy? and i do not have the answer. at the time i told them, yes, we are with you. today, based on the political atmosphere, i do not know the answer. >> have we gained any credibility on that score? >> notte when the president announces a time line for wi
with the wars that are ongoing, and with the bad economy. those are people talking about him not being a u.s. citizen -- i believe this is the reason why the naacp was talking. people have forgotten that his mother was a white woman. [unintelligible] this is all about racism. there is nothing wrong with eric holder. i believe the president will rebound, it is doing a great job, has more to deal with than any previous president of this country. i believe he will do great. host: also in the paper this morning, when it is about race, it is probably about age too. newt gingrich will go bust week with an idea to deal with america. -- look up last week with an idea. he suggested they reach out to local chapters of the civil rights group and propose a series of joint town hall-style meetings around the country. he could be on to something if he means all americans old enough to remember when cigarettes were harmless and strom thurmond was a democrat. the tea party and the naacp represent this proportionally older memberships. herein lies a problem with some much of our discussion about race and pol
-old unknown, unemployed military vet to the u.s. senate. >> while there were a free moments that had people thinking, awkward! there were others in the crowd wondering if maybe this wasn't such a bad idea after all. jessica yellin was there for the big debut. >> reporter: if there's one person who believes alvin greene could be south carolina's next u.s. senator, it's alvin greene. >> i'm the best candidate in the united states senate race here in south carolina. i am also the best choice for the image award next year. >> reporter: he does not lack confidence. it is a new campaign speech, greene offered some specifics. >> let's pick up with some of the projects that were put on hold after 9/11. such as improving transportation and infrastructure. >> reporter: some standard rhetoric -- >> my campaign is about getting south carolina and america back to work and moving south carolina and america forward. >> reporter: and a glimpse of his political philosophy. >> the punishment should fit the crime. fairness saves us money. let's reclaim our country from the terrorists and the communists. i kno
will plead guilty to being unregistered russian agents in the u.s. and agree to leave the country. now, our understanding, andrea, is this will not be a one-for-one exchange. they'll leave and go back to russia and in return, the russians will send probably three or four people that the u.s. would like to get back or get to the u.s., people who have been charged with spying for the united states in russia. we know one of them, igor sutyagin who was convicted six years ago, sentenced to 15 years of providing what the russians said was classified information to the u.s., something he has always denied. but we don't know the identity of all of them. but that's apparently how this is going to happen, andrea. if it does go ahead as planned, it's very possible that the ten in the u.s. coulding on a plane by tonight. >> this is just amazing, pete, for those of us who covered the disdents and how we were making exchanges back then, months and months of secret negotiations and hot line conversations. this is really almost instantaneous. it says a lot about the new open relationship. >> reporter: i t
at the language and analyze it. >> thank you, suza >> the appointment to fill the vacant u.s. senate seat of the late west virginia senator robert byrd. president obama on the gulf of mexico oil spill. after that, minority leader talk about their opposition to the democrats' economic policies. later, the state of the u.s. is really a security relationship. -- israeli security relationship. >> tomorrow, the michigan governor's republican primary debate. the candidates are seeking to replace democratic governor who is -- that is at 8:00 tomorrow. >> this weekend, author panels on religion, diversity in publishing, and african-american history. live, all day saturday starting at 11:00. also this week and, at the university -- columbia university professor on his new book. a weekend filled with a non- fiction books on c-span2. >> c-span, our public affairs content is available on television, radio, and online. you can also connect with us on facebook and twitter. sign up for our schedule alerts e-mails at c-span.org. >> we are covering the first of two debates over the weekend between republi
death rate. pakistan denied the accusation. the u.s. state department says the documents do not represent what is currently going on. >> the fact that these are several years old, does not change our concern that this action risks our national security. the white house says -- wicki says it has another 15,000 jobs for future release. >> the war funding bill creates a dip lem ma for those opposed in the war. the bill is set to come up for a vote before congress leaves at the end of this week for its six-week summer recess. >>> city officials in san jose want to put a measure on the november ballot that would seek approval for a 10% tax on medical marijuana. if approved, the 10% tax would be highest marijuana tax in the state. opponents of the plan say the tax would put an undue burden on marijuana patients. the san jose city council is set to discuss the matter. the deadline to get this on the ballot is august 3rd. >>> the price of gas is up but only slightly in the last week. the latest survey from triple-a shows the national average is 2.74. that's an increase of about 2- c
government. we all know the story of red ink and escalating debt. at the same time, you have a u.s. economy still struggling to keep the recovery going, and democrats clearly believes the need to provide a sufficient base for the recovery through the likes of benefits and other programs is necessary. there trumpeting the concerns over the debt and saying to do them but on the basis of which they did not add to the federal deficit. >> if it appears they moved to unemployment benefits, why did the president make a statement talking about republicans and their approach? >> it seems to me his message was calculated to test to make sure the votes were there, as we have seen several times through this process does been a number of votes for democrats thought they had sufficient votes, and at the last minute, a republican and changed their minds. i think the president's message was calculated to put pressure to insure they will side with the majority appear reagan and >> -- maturity. >> thank you for joining us. this segment is 40 minutes. "washington journal" continues. host: jane oates with the
, build its reputation back in the u.s. >> jim, how significant is it that bp is naming an american to head the company? >> reporter: i think it's very significant, bob dudley's been around for a very long time. he was at amoco, if you recall amoco was taken over by bp in a merger in 1998. he went to -- grew up in mississippi so he knows that region very well. he has been in the gulf on and off during this whole oil spill. went to smu, university of illinois. so he is very much well known in the u.s. and they are hoping that as this first non-british ceo that he can repair bp's damage. he's got a on in his hands, as you say. they are setting aside $32.5 billion to clean up the oil spill. there will probably need to be more money as well. there is the issue of selling more than $30 billion worth of u.s. assets. that will be one of the many things on bob dudley's plate. >> jim boulden in london, thank you so much. >>> in 25 minutes we'll get a never-before-seen interview with outgoing ceo tony hayward, conducted in the early days of the disaster in the gulf. david matti intingly is pr
. that is >> good morning everyone, it's sunday, july 25th, two u.s. service members are missing in afghanistan at this hour. we'll have a live report straight ahead with the latest breaking details for you. >> and bp getting back to work trying to plug the oil spill after tropical weather fizzled out and tony hayward might have one foot out the door. >> and a dam fails after heavy water, gushing down to the down below. our slogan this hour comes from chas in maryland, fox is the best and we all know why, we have aly, clayton and eric who doesn't need a tie. it's "fox & friends". >> did you message, did you mail chas? >> for the record. >> that's eric bolling, ladies and gentlemen, let's give him a round of applause, dave briggs is off at a wedding and i'm clayton morris and alisyn camerota. we have a lot of news. >> new information regarding the whereabouts of two missing u.s. navy service members in afghanistan and connor powell joins us live from kandahar, what is the latest, connor? >> well, good morning, the u.s. military says they have launched an extensive air and ground search for the t
>> president obama will be at the white house today. he will pend time with u.s. troops and their families. vice president joe biden's second day of the trip to iraq. one headline says this is seen as a move to end the political deadlock there. also, today general david patraeus officially took command of the mission in afghanistan. a quote from him in this important endeavor teamwork is not an option. this is a tough mission. there is nothing easy about it said the general. on this independence day we have the question for you to open the program. is america exceptional? we have that from one writer from the new yo"new york daily who says it is time to rescue the idea that america is exceptional. what do you think? [phone numbers on the line] host: we have this piece on this fourth of july titled "bring back the old glory." he says the notion of american exceptionalism that it is a unique nation on earth if not in all history is in decline among much of the country's self-appointed chattering classes. they write the lion's share of books, magazines, editorials and blogs
responding to claims that the report will put the lives of u.s. troops at risk. >> i think it's too early to say yet. it's clear that it will shave an understanding of what the past six years of war last been like, and that the costs of the what are needs to change, the manner in which it needs to change is not yet clear. bill: we are digging keeper on that today. it's a major headline. i'm bill hemmer. martha has vacation. >> reporter: i'm in for her. the move is sparking anger from the pentagon to the white house. gym jones is calling it irresponsible sphao fox news has not confirmed the ahh then advertise a see of the reports but they are sending ripples throughout washington. some of the most damaging aspects of the leaked documents are what, mike. >> reporter: bill, juliet good morning. the most damaging aspect is pointing the finger at pakistan over its roll helping the taliban. the isi is accused of aiding and in some cases funding the inch insurgency against u.s. troops in afghanistan. in the 91,000 documents covering january 2004 to december 2009 is some revolutions about perhaps
for now, the big telethon, individuals in the u.s. meanwhile have pledged around $1.3 billion. you see the numbers, how much has been pledged and actually how much has been handed over and delivered there. a lot of aid has made it to haiti but 1.5 million people still homeless. some of the people in need the most or in need of most are falling through the cracks. that's the case at one orphanage it was visited by our dr. sanjay gupta. ♪ >> reporter: it is so striking in orphanages, smiles amid squalor. 350,000 orphans in haiti. best guess. many, like this little guy, don't even have a name. don't know how old he is. he's an orphan in this orphanage. among lots of other children. 40 to 50 at any given time. that's how many kids are taken care of. let me show you something else as well. look at this particular building. you just look at the floor over here. that's where they sleep. there are no bedrooms. find a place and sleep for the night. this is the kitchen. for all those children. this pot of beans is their food for the entire day. simply not enough. you take a look. they have to
for the worst disaster in u.s. oil history, posting a record $17 billion loss, in only three months' time. wow, that is not easy to do. now it will sell some assets to cover cost and obligations in the gulf which are plenty. stuart varney, stuart, good morning to you, what are they going to sell? >> they're going to sell smaller, older oil fields to the value of $30 billion. that's how much money they're going to need to bring in to stop paying for the cleanup. so bp the company is the obvious financial loser at first glance. look deeper, the u.k. government is also a big loser, it will take in about $10 billion less in tax from bp over the next four years. shareholders, they're also losers here, there are going to be no dividend payments at leastum next year. now, tony hayward, you could obviously say he's a loser in the sense he's lost his job and certainly his reputation but he leaves financially in tact. he will take with him to russia is a job, a -- 1 million pounds, $1.6 million in salary, his pension fund of roughly 17, $18 million will be available to him in full in two years, when he
division as well as the u.s. attorney's office here in san francisco and the fbi to see if this warrants federal prosecution. >> we understand that there was also a car vandalized in tacoma, washington, there were also incidents in portland, oregon with people reacting. as we mentioned, the oakland police department and the mayor are due to hold a news conference any time now. let's bring in california congresswoman barbara lee who represents oakland. congresswoman, thank you for being with us. >> first let me say this, like everyone, i am really frustrated, saddened and outraged. if you look at the video and you know what took place, this to me is a glaring example of the need to reform our criminal justice system. and that is something we have been working on for years and years and years. it is important that we understand that criminal justice reform has to happen and it has to happen quickly to avoid circumstances such as this. i have been in touch with the department of justice for many months now, and i'm confident that they're going to move forward with their independent and thor
biden had meeting with chris hill and also 9 top u.s. military commander in here in iraq. he will be meeting over the next couple of days the major iraqi political leaders because there does seem to be deadlock here over creating a new government. he is the point man on iraq for the obama administration that he will be trying to push them in the right direction, gregg. >> gregg: there does appear to be a sort of a political stalemate that is ongoing there. any end in sight to that? >> reporter: gregg, we have two major blocks in the parliament with nobody being able to control it. unless there is some give and take, there doesn't seem to be any real chance of that happening. it's very important as we know because the u.s. military is drawing down troops to 50,000 by the end of august. they've got over 70,000 at the moment. with this uncertainty and ongoing violence against iraqi security forces, it's very unsettled here, gregg. >> gregg: david, this is still a war zone. yet the vice president brought with him his wife. is this is the first time that that has happened? >> repo
weeks, you would be eligible for the federal extensions. host: let's go over that u.s. department toll-free line 1-877- these great issues to bring up. thanks for the callers. >> president obama scheduled to talk this morning about unemployment and the economy. he was expected at 10:33, running a little late. we will have his remarks when he starts in a few moments. until then, more on the economy and the administration's business policies. guest: the coast of cnbc's "the call." thanks for joining us. guest: good morning. thanks for having me. host: you recently broke the glass between the administration and business has been the high drama of the summer. guest: i think this is a bad aspect of the economic problem. guest: there is a bad aspect to the economic problem. you see these business roundtable and others that are really in a blood war with the white house over taxes, regulation spending, trade, they're all very outspoken about it. the ceo of verizon started this about one month ago. people that pick up on that are asking for business investment tax relief. they would like to ha
promes appropriations and confirmation hearings to get them to enforce u.s. code. >> next question directed toward john mccain. allen greenspan said there is reason not to extend the bush tax cut, but favor them, even as we face the growing seff sit. >> i respect allen greenspan but he was in charge when this meltdown occurred and obviously has great responsibility for it. we can't raise taxes at this time. tax increases will hurt our economy even more. whether i voted against the bush tax cuts in 2001 because i predicted that spending had to be brought under control, and it was not. we worked from tax cuts and benefits. i voted for tax cuts, but i didn't want to go from spluss to deficit. with you -- but we are in tage. but we are in danger. we are in danger of, at best, a very slow recovery. people are hurting. we need to have our taxes kept low. we need to cut corporate taxes, and we need to give social security tax and other payroll taxes -- taxes need to be held off until we can get the e-mail businesses back in business -- get the small business yes -- businesses back in busi
the u.s. military of murder. here's the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff admiral mike mullen. >> i think we always need to be mindful of the unknown potential for damage in any particular document that we handle. mr. assange can say whatever he likes about the greater good he thinks he and his source are doing, but the truth is they might already have on their hands the blood of some young soldier or that of an afghan family. >> wikileaks' founder refuses to say how his site got the documents. but nothing is secret on the internet. the military may have a hacker, a convicted criminal from california, to thank for cracking this case. his name is adran lamo, just 29 years old. in 2004 he was convicted of breaking into "the new york times," microsoft and lexus nexus computers. he went to the federal government to show the leaking. the website might also face chinl charges. barbara starr has the latest developments in our next hour. >>> so where's all the spilled oil? the coast guard insists it can't find much more to clean up on the surface of the gulf. their crews keep conducting fly
spill operations. former u.s. attorney general alberto gonzalez will not be charged in the firings of nine u.s. attorneys under the bush administration. after a 22 month investigation, the justice department ruled there's insufficient evidence to establish that he and his staff made misleading statements. this was not criminal. if they were political, that was not the crime. gonzalez resigned after that controversy. ineptitude and confusion, that's how they are describing officials at massy energy in the months before the explosion at a west virginia mine. that killed 29 men. they are all part of a rebuttal to massy's claim that the government forced them to make changes to reduce the volume of fresh air in the mine before the blast. the company's conduct is under federal investigation. secretary of state hillary clinton is in hanoi, vietnam this morning. she's attending an asian summit meeting where the buzz is the new sanctions she's announced against north korea. the north koreans responded by declaring the u.s. should drop the sanctions and cancel next week's military maneuvers
the most controversial provisions in lot. u.s. district judge susan bolton issued a law that stops some of it from going into effect. that police stop or detain or arrest if there's a reasonable suspicion they're in the country illegally, a provision requiring immigrants to carry their papers at all times. and another that would make it a crime for undocumented workers to seek work in public places. in a statement, the justice department had said the court ruled correctly that a patchwork of state and local policies would seriously disrupt immigration enforcement and would ultimately be counterproductive. but arizona's governor jan brewer had a different perspective. >> i think it's important to remind everybody that today, absolutely, the federal government got relief from the courts to do their job. and that means now they've got this temporary injunction, they need step up, the feds do, and do the job that they have the responsibility to do for the people of america. and for the people of arizona. >> the specifics of the state's appeal of the ruling have not been announced but legal
911, 2001, 51 federal organizations and military commands operating in 15 u.s. cities track the flow of money to end from terrorist networks. analysts that makes sense of documents foreign and domestic share their judgment by sharing intelligence reports every year. the volume is so large that many are routinely given more. michael, republican line, houston, texas, good morning. caller: the size of the government is overthrown. the second point i would make about the topic, after the 1980 the growth of the intelligence community leading into the 1990's for the democratic party was quite happy about it. host: "lack of focus, not lack of resources was at the heart of the fort hood shooting, as well as the christmas day bombing attempt. an alert airline passenger saw smoke coming from his seatmate. there are issues that really concern the people in charge of national security. but not just for the director of national intelligence, but any individual. defense secretary robert gates. only super users have the ability to assess defense department activities, there is no way he could keep
spencer got an idea. >> you know a lot of the kids had never been outside of the u.s. before. some hadn't been outside of d.c. >> reporter: using about $50,000 in private donations, they decided to take the middle schoolers to africa. but he wanted more than a sightseeing trip. ♪ >> we want to spend time with the kids. >> reporter: they talked to them about aids and hiv, sharing what they've learned here in the u.s. with kids in a south african village, many of whom have lost at least one loved one to the disease. >> it reminds me of there were orphans. >> reporter: after what became a personal mission for the 14-year-olds, the highlight of the trip for the group. new young ambassadors took in a world cup match. ahmed washington at the world cup, actually has now been picked up by the soccer team here in d.c. >> yeah. how neat. >> yeah, d.c. united's team picked him up. >> a cool group. what a great experience. >> yes. they'll never forget it. >>> so are we done with the rain? >> for the time being, okay? it is going to return. and unfortunately, it's going to be some showers on our w
and everyone's." as u.s. troops move out iraq, many more are moving into afghanistan. one of the best-seller lists on the "the new york times" best seller list, the laura bush biography is that no. 5. no. 12, "change your brain, change your body." "born to run," is no. 13. we encourage you to check out booktv.org in our weekend programming on c-span 2. taking a look at the other issues and guests making up the sunday morning conversation, bobby jackson. caller: the white house and congressional agenda, congress is returning this week. the midterm elections and the gulf coast oil spill. the guests on "meet the press" include robert gibbs. on abc this week, talking with david axelrod. luis gutierrez and bryan bill bread. the guests on "fox news sunday," hosted by chris wallace, david axelrod and jon kyle, as well as an interview with benjamin netanyahu. on "face the nation" on cbs, eric holder. on cnn's "state of the union," guests include david axelrod, new mexico governor bill richardson, a trend frank, and kenneth feinberg, administrator of the gulf coast oil spill victims compensati
and because of the u.s.a. versus england matchup, of course, the u.s.a. won, but that's why they launched this ad and this ad is going to continue to run to advertise the challenger. the ad that we ran at the top of this report has to do with the jeep grand cherokee, this is the new car coming from the chrysler fiat new merger out there right now, and chrysler, again, says it's a way to play up the heritage, the pride in american craftsmanship as this car is made in detroit, jon. that's what they're trying to play off. as far as appealing to one party or the other, that's not the focus. jon: i have a chrysler in my garage, bought it several years ago, but how is my investment in the company going? >> you have a pretty big investment as a taxpayer, it's hard to look at this company as what it is now versus what it was before the financial crisis. the company before the financial crisis received about $15 billion in taxpayer money. we lost some of that money, some of that money was paid back, and essentially, a new company emerged with chrysler and fiat merging together. we have a 9 percent
's economics but how it plays into the u.s. and then we're going to conclude our series, we've been looking at what we call states in the red, talking about various states and their economic condition. today, focusing on new hampshire. through a series of measures, has balanced its budget and we're going to take a look at that economy and what they did to do it. tom lay hi will be our guest for that discussion. that's a rundown on what we are going to do on the program today. for the remainder of our time we're going to talk about the 2010 election. clearwater, florida, laura on our republican line. caller: hi. thank you for your time. i just wanted to remind everybody that the democrats have controlled the senate and the house the last two years that bush was in the white house, and when obama took over everybody blaming the republicans. it's all their fault. they need to get back to the constitution. obama has quadrupled our deficit and he is trying to take over everything with national government. host: cleveland is next. texas, i should say. charlie go ahead. caller: cleveland, texas. h
shows us what it is like to be an immigrant working in the u.s. picking grapes in a hot desert field. that job no americans are doing. >>> old court battle gets new life in spain. arrest warrants issued for three u.s. soldiers. they are wanted in the death of a spanish cameraman killed in iraq by u.s. tank fire in 2003. al goodman is in madrid to give tuesday latest. tell, al, walk us through the story. >> reporter: this goes back to 2003. the iraq war, american troops are taking baghdad and a sum tank opens fire on the palestine hotel, very large structure, a lot of international journalists including a spanish tv cameraman who was mortally wounded by the tank round from the u.s. tank and reuters tv camera man. since then, his family, cameraman's family, having trying to bring who they say the perpetrators to justice. they named three u.s. soldiers. this has been a long running court battle. it has been open and closed and opened and now closed and now open again with these arrest warrants by the same judge who indicted these three soldiers a few years you a go and then a lot of leg
americans in the construction of the u.s. capitol. when the capital was first being built in the league's 1970's and early 1800's enslaved african americans work in all facets of the construction. for nearly 200 years the stories of the slave laborers were mostly unknown to the visitors at the capitol. and we forgot to say thank you to the incredible skilled and talented craftsman and workers. then in 1999, told pay stubs were discovered that showed slaves were directly involved in the construction of the u.s. capital and to recognize the contributions i sponsored a bill to establish a special task force to make recommendations to honor the slave laborers who worked on the construction of the capital. in 2007 the task force prog presented leadership with the recommendations. as we gather today i am reminded about the story of filigreed and a statue of freedom. -- i am reminded of philip reid and the statue of freedom. prior to the casting the ship to the united states, mr. crawford passed away. once it arrived in washington, d.c., problems soon a rose. zero workmen soon got into hot --
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an end to these threats -- a two-state solution. u.s. support for security is much more than a simple act. we are committed to their security because it enhances our own security. we cannot entrust israel's future to the status quo. we will continue to support our words with concrete actions. the relationship is too important to be anything less than a top priority. our commitment to the military edge has never been greater. under the leadership of president obama, our relationship will always receive the time and focus it deserves. thank you for your time and attention. [applause] >> thank you. it is a pleasure to see you here in your new position. it makes me feel very old. [inaudible] i don't think anybody would it met you referenced twice the tough decisions israel will make. that this it sounds like the presumption of your approach is that you make israel a strong in order to take risks of peace. there are others recently who have made the argument that israel is not a strategic asset of the u.s., they call them a liability. all the support we give israel does not take those tough de
under u.s. legislation passed last year tripling civilian aid to $7.5 billion over the next five years, secretary clinton hopes to draw the two countries closer in trust and strengthen their joint efforts to fight al-qaida and the taliban. >> this is the most significant, concrete achievement between these two neighbors in nearly 50 years. i believe it will go a long way towards strengthening regional economic ties, creating jobs in both countries and promoting sustainable economic development. >> and the foreign minister for pakistan explained the country's leadership is encouraged by the dialogue between the two nations adding that it is important to build a people centered relationship. such a partnership, he says, is essential to fighting terrorism and extremism. pakistan is undergoing many changes right now, he added. economic and socially adding that it is a country that's moving towards democracy and pakistan's foreign minister adds they have two priorities. peace and prosperity. becoming a partner in the international community. later today, as you mentioned, ali, secretary c
're adopting calls for handing over security to the afghan government by the end of 2014. clinton says the u.s. and the world is with afghanistan despite the fact that troop withdrawals are now scheduled to begin next year. >>> los angeles district attorney is looking into the business practices of goldline international. it is a popular company that sells gold items on tv and online. reports now of complaints by customers saying they were either lied to or misled or pressured into buying gold coins not worth what they originally thought. among the company's pitchmen, glenn beck, mike huckabee and fred thompson. congress is also looking into the case. >>> a ufo sighting over china caused panic, confusion and lots of speculation as to what it could be. it shut down an airport in southeastern china for about an hour. local reports say it didn't show up on the radar. a source tells "china daily" it may be part of military exercises. certainly almost does look like a rocket of some sort. the government would just say that an investigation is ongoing. >> isn't that what they always say when you see
-- and talk with him about what they can do to get u.s. business. mcdonough: i think we need to protect the good name of our company in the eyes of a responsible, sensible investor like nell, because if we endanger the good name of the company, that's a cost that we simply cannot afford. smith: but i'd like-- but there's a risk here, because the n.g.o. movement tends to have - a certain belief that we can make the-- - atkins: guilty before proven. that's right. guilty before proven. and that's why transparency is so important. but it's important to realize you don't show run and opall your competitors and the outside world your decision process. you do that with sound advisors, with good fact-finding. but you don't transparently disgorge every decision you do. tapper: the decision has been made to go oject, and casablanca has decided that they're actually going to invest more money and make it so that the novastani workers, the subcontractors, are abiding not only by the strict regulations of the novastani government, but also a little bit more, a little bit more than is actually done.
alberto gonzales the former bush administration attorney general under fire for firing the u.s. attorneys? the justice department decided just this week not to prosecute him. he says he feels vindicated but also angry. and in the play by play tonight a flashback. back in the 2008 campaign joe biden got in hot water when he used the words "clean and articulate." remember that? a little payback today. some candidates like to call reporters to big events and then walk away. no questions. we'll show you who they are. ♪ [ woman ] when i grow up, i want to take him on his first flight. i want to run a marathon. i'm going to work with kids. i'm going to own my own restaurant. when i grow up, i'm going to start a band. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing. thanks, mom. i just want to get my car back. [ female announcer ] together we can discover the best of what's next at aarp.org. [ fem♪ e announcer ] together we can discover we know why we're here. to design the future of flight, inside and out. ♪ to build tomorrow's technology in amazing ways. ♪ and reshape
million pounds on a deal? >> yeah, that's more than 60 million u.s. dollars. his whole goal behind this is that he suspects, the overwhelming majority of cocoa beans come from west africa, like the ivory coast, and the ivory coast has been better over the past year and a lot of people suspect that the harvest is going to be worse than it already has been so he thinks the price is going to go up a lot more, so he's kind of cornering the market available for sale of cocoa beans. >> insane. so to answer the question directly, will our chocolate bars cost us more because of anthony ward's ingenious idea? >> if cocoa prices keep going higher for a long period of time, not for a period of two or three months, which is not what mr. ward is thinking about. but over the next year, you'll see prices trickling down. prices for chocolate have gone up over the past few months. >> thank you very much, russell. pretty interesting story. >>> the fbi moving on, today confirms an al qaeda link to the world cup bombings in you began da, we have heard there were links. who's following the developing n
of the questions here is how, in fact, could an individual do that? u.s. military and pentagon officials are stressing that manning right now is only a possible suspect, a person of interest that, in fact, there are thousands who had that same level of clarence who had that same kind of access. and if they have any computer savvy at all would be able to download some of the materials that manning is accuse of downloading and the kind of materials that ended up in wikileaks in this latest massive dump of raw intelligence to that website. so, you know, it's going to be very difficult to track down a single individual out of the thousands, which include military, dod civilian workers and even private contractors. tamron? >> mik, again, a big part of the conversation, especially overnight when you have so many voices weighing in is whether or not this will hurt the effort in afghanistan. if there's information and a part of the 90,000 plus documents released and the 15,000 other released that could hurt the troops on the ground. >> tamron, here's th problem with that. officials here at the p
to tweak parts of the law in response to the u.s. district judge who put a hold on some of the law's most controversial parts. since she issued the warning hundreds of e-mails and phone calls including threats have poured into the courthouse. meanwhile senator john mccain is speaking out in support of the law. >> a lot of this issue would not be as compelling as it is if the federal government had carried out its responsibilities. then it wouldn't require that kind of legislation. >> now to our legal panel. rebecca rose woodland and johna spillboard. good morning. >> good morning. >> had the federal government carried out its part in terms of enforcing the laws would this not have had to happen? >> that's a nice way to put that arizona overstepped their boundaries. it doesn't make the arizona state law more appropriate. the federal government has authority over immigration. the judge has ruled the arizona law usurps such authority. she's made it clear there are aspects of the law that are not appropriate for the state of arizona to enforce. >> okay. we're going to get the details in secon
and this is "your world." if the u.s. is serious about cutting, the new reported to suggests we better start hiking taxes. it's coming from the imf putting the middle class front and center. the suggestion of a national sales tax, a higher tax on energy and a slice and dice job on popular tax deductions for mortgages. all ideas the president's bipartisan deficit commission has mentioned before. as he talks about the hole we're in, are hikes the way to get it out? tom delay has absolutely not. thank you for joining us. do you believe that within a year, this country will have a national -- federal sales tax? >> no, i don't think so, brian. we need to take a step back and look at this report by the imf. first of all they're like the united nations, useless and effectless and for it to talk about the united states should be raising taxes at the worst time in our economy and in our history, it shows how effectless they are. this is not the time to raise taxes and the politics is that there's going to be a lot of democrats lose their seats in the house and senate and i don't think obama will be able to
in afghanistan. he received both the u.s. and nato flags at a ceremony in front of several hundred nato and afghan officials in kabul. >> we must demonstrate to the people and to the taliban and afghan and forces are here to safeguard the afghan people. and that we are in this to win. that is our clear objective. >> alisyn: general petraeus also pledged to go after insurgents in order to make afghanistan a safer place. there is new video of vice president joe biden and his wife jill celebrating today's holiday with our troops in iraq. the two presided over a naturalization ceremony. more than 237 u.s. service members were sworn in to become american citizens. >> all of you, thank you from the bottom of america's heart for your service and i might add, for choosing us, for choosing america. what a sight you are today. what a powerful symbol. what a powerful symbol you represent to those who yes or yr freedom all across the world. >> alisyn: coming up on "fox & friends," we will have a live report from you from iraq. joran van der sloot now suing the woman that represented him on the day
in california potentially in the u.s. we'll take a look at that background coming up here in the next half hour, sydnie. >> we have also got a ballot measure in november, too. >> reporter: of course. >> to legalize it. so we'll wait to see what happens there. but obviously they are getting ready. anne, thank you very much, anne makovec in oakland. >>> the man suspected in a shootout with the california highway patrol in oakland is expected to enter a plea this morning. 45-year-old byron williams of tuolumne county was formally charged yesterday, including trying to murder four chp officers. the officers had approached his truck after pulling him over on interstate 580 in oakland on saturday night. none of the officers was hurt, but williams did have to be treated for bullet wounds. police now say williams was drunk and was rambling about starting a revolution. >> we learned he was on his way on saturday night to two organizations, pulling called the tides, the other the aclu, with the sole purpose to kill people. usually these organizations are closed on sunday and his plans were to wait there
for an attack on a u.s. aid agency. at least four people were killed in that. >>> as we talked about this morning, we have the story covered like no one else. first, let's start with barbara. it's interesting to take a look at general petraeus as he heads to afghanistan. he was in charge of centcom it was under his view before. >> it was but laser focus it will be his sole job and arriving later today and, as you say, he comes at a point after stopping at nato where he is about to fly into skyrocketing violence in that country. in the latest, some of othe latest developments in eastern afghanistan now, the commander there has put new restrictions on troops being able to travel in humvees. that's how bad the violence is. these umvies, of course, we have seen for years in the battlefields of iraq and afghanistan now considered too dangerous because of the skyrocketing roadside bombs. so, now, if soldiers need to go in a humvee, it will require special permission. how bad is the violence that petraeus is flying into? let's look at a couple of key statistics here. we know june just last
the country's infrastructure of water, energy and health the projects are part of the u.s. effort to convince pakistan washington is not just backing the fight in the project will be funded with seven and half billion dollars in nonmilitary aid that they have approved it for five years. >> 727 we will be back with more a couple of minutes tonight nbc will air the giants gained so instead we will have nbc programming starting at 8:00 p.m. and 6 stopping at 10 back- to-back episodes of last, expanding. a special edition of kron 410 dr.phil will be on at 3:00 p.m. will be right back built with quality and backed with the best coverage in america including a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. that's 40,000 more miles than ford. chevy silverado half-ton. a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable, longest lasting full-size pickups on the road. now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models with an average finance savings around $5,800. 729 violence in oakland the latest incident involved possible sniper to the more news faster yoli who is live in the oakland police departme
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